Intro: Emily Mulenga

My research up until this point has covered race, gender and feminism as mediated through popular culture and internet culture, and has also examined stereotypical characters and tropes arising from the rapid-fire circulation of information online. My practice incorporates video, digital technology and online spaces, and references contemporary internet aesthetics. To date, I have created an online version of myself (often referred to as an avatar) using the chat software IMVU and placed this avatar within fantastical worlds, framing the footage into a utopian narrative in which she, a black woman, can celebrate herself. This work speaks to my interest in the digitisation of the body and the use of technology to influence and regulate the IRL (in real life) self, and how a fine art practice can respond to these phenomena. I have also used video and green screen technology to create chaotic videos of myself parodying familiar imagery and characters from popular culture as a means through which to explore my interest in themes of consumption in an age when it is possible for everyone to become simultaneously producers and distributors. I also design my own range of bespoke emojis, using my own image, that explore my intersectional identity. In 2017 I  held my first major solo show Taking Up Space at Firstsite, Colchester, which ran for 5 weeks (

My website is available at: