Lonesome Road

Basically this man has no such habit to record something.

This man has no ability to joy, this man has no ability to join. This man only has nature to WASTE.

This man cannot use his own sound to sing in your language.

He is an absolutely black stranger, for he estranges everybody, and he is strange to anybody.

Has no root even in his own country. Maybe he came from Militaires Sans Frontières.

A small pathetic weirdo,  coming to this world only get the shame.

Is he escaping? He has already tried his best to face this fate.

“…blood-black nothingness began to spin / A system of cells interlinked within / Cells interlinked within cells interlinked / Within one stem. And dreadfully distinct / Against the dark, a tall white fountain played.”

He has no idea why he wrote down these. However, he feels easier once he found the only fact is nobody cares.

It’s over now. Pretentious, to the ends.