Desire. What desire is? What impersonal desire is?

In me, all desires other than based on human’s nature is impersonal desire. Even language, culture, and so on. Because those are all learnt after birth. Then impersonal desire? May be seven sins in Catholic? Lust, gluttony, pride, ego…all desires relating which based on we are named of human.

Based on my own past. I’m not really solidly sure about I wish to be an artist. Something more important for me in this course is I wish to spectating other people why and how they want to be artists?

Because I have fear. Around 2010, I lost my parent and the same year, I started to living abroad by myself at the age of 15. Since then, I started to being isolated. Continuously experimenting meeting and leaving, and culture confusing. Fear comes from unknown, not engaging, isolations. Thus my solid desire is defeating fear. I believe art is about people, about our culture, the society.

When I was expiring my work, I was always looking for something does not change with time. However I realized only “change” itself does not change with change. Is that because we are living in a unstable time? Maybe. Then what else does not change? People? Emotions? Those are the most changeable thing. But we feel panic in expectations. Because human’s nature does not change.

Do we have relationships with this world? Yes absolutely. We are biologically exchanging substances like oxygen, carbon every moment. But do we really engaging in the world? I don’t know. Just like what is life? What is art? Why I’m living? Does lives have meaning?

Maybe living is just a fact or an accident. A creature does not carry any expectations or targets when it was born. Time is the four-dimension beside three-dimension space. There’s a conjecture, human is the only animal may perceive time. Then does time time before human named it time? We don’t know.

“Why are there all beings at all instead of nothing?”(M. Heidegger,1984)

If infinitely questioning , then what solid matters?

Us, here, now!




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