Previous work by Cho

This project is one of my favourite projects and it related to my mother’s life. I thought that Gender discrimination still has been severe in the world and it was also serious in my mother’s generation.

The time when I heard my mother’s story as ‘WOMAN’ such as daughter, mother, wife and daughter-in-law was just last year. And then, I have started to understand all her choice and her effort. South Korea in 70s-80s was very dynamic. The economy was increasing very fast and all things were changing however too fast change made too many sacrifices. In this era there were a lot of female labourers. Many young girls worked in the factory for earning their brother’s tuition fee or economic difficulties. My mother and her friends also had similar experience when they were very young. They were stuck with sacrifice instead of their brother. When I heard this truth, I thought about my mother’s youth. Her dream was fashion designer but she had to give up it and she could go to university when she was 26 years old. I imagined how my mother has lived. Then, I was captivated the will to tell about mid aged Korean women’s life such as my mother and her friends. Therefore this project was born. I wanted to express female labourers but who had their own dream, future, style, and taste. First, I dressed models who were my mother and her friends in the factory uniform but arranged with new styling with accessories for instance bold belt, high heels, glamorous necklace and so on. Then I required them to pose for instance playing guitar, studying, reading fashion magazine and wearing their favourite clothes.

I wanted to find their dream when they were young. Via this project, finally I could understand my mother’s behaviour and her life and also I could close more to my mother. My mother is mother but she is also a daughter and woman who had gender discrimination by her parents. I think this situation is very common in this world. I would like to recall women that they were also bright girls. Now even if they lost their previous dream and were just housewives, I believe that they still have their dream in deep mind. I wanted to find and return it to them. I did all of roles such as stylist, creative director, art director, producer and photographer for this project because it is my BA final project and also very meaningful project to me therefore I wanted to do every role for this project.  My main theme of this project was that. I could learn that how express women’s life and could hear Korean women’s life. This experience was very important to me and suggested that which way I have to walk for my future project.