Mogamma, A painting in Four Parts: Part 3 2012



Mogamma, A painting in Four Parts: Part 3 2012

Julie Mehretu 1970

Born Ethiopia, works USA

Ink and acrylic paint on canvas

‘Part 3’ dwarfs the viewer with its size, a monument to collective dynamic processes. Messy droplets, collections of marks forming small tribes, moving, smearing across the canvas, smudges of human anticaptivity overlaying and merging with architectural straight lines of a city plan. The energy of the group defies the structure, a city in conflict, a partial act of obliteration. Strong coloured lines cut through, above and below, penetrating the forming masses, denying dominance of the canvas to the busy hordes. A record of human endurance, an energetic conflict with ideological planning, the political body in the mark, embodied subjects resisting an actual oppressive state referenced in the title ‘Mogamma’, a government administrative building in Cairo, the backdrop to the Egyptian uprising.


Simon Waters