“THREE FILMS” – Tate Modern

Philippe Parreno 1964 – “Anywhere out of the World 2000”

Pierre Huyghe 1962 – ” Two Minutes Out of  time 2000″

Dominique Gonzalez – Foerster 1965 – ” Ann Lee in Anzen Zone 2000″

The three artists used the same virtual role to complete different media works respectively. In such a dark exhibition hall, all three media works present the discussion of virtual identities by artists. In addition, in each video project, this virtual character demonstrates the identity switching and changes in different environments. Among them, Philippe Parreno endowed the virtual character with a symbol of the same meaning as an empty shell, which was very attractive to me because she was summarized by the author as something close to real life and easy to understand. Moreover, through such substitution, it strengthened the reflection on the unstable features of the virtual character in the work. There is no coherence in the narration of the three works, however, the curator skillfully used the way of one-by-one play and sound leading method, so that connecting the themes of the three works. Obviously, the audience demonstrated a sense of order when they are watching.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ZHENGYI ZHANG