Hannah Perry

Hannah Perry : GUSH

Exhibition review


Still from at Hannah Perrys ‘ GUSH’ exhibition at Somerset house, London(2018).

On a cold October day, I have stepped into the environment of “crush” to learn more about how visuals and sound can create a dialogue and a space of their own. This is Hannah Perry’s most recent solo exhibition in the UK, installed at Somerset House in London. Little did I know my psychic and body would fully engage into the artwork. < I wanted to take on a new body of research into loss, grief, delusions and trauma. In a way, the exhibition title describes this burst, an overwhelming surge of emotions and its liquid capacity to infiltrate and take over our bodies.> – Hannah Perry (Kabakci. 2018)

As I was traversing the exhibition space slowly absorbing the noise, installation and atmosphere, I couldn’t help but examine how these elements can all together create such an immersive effect. The use 360 angle imagery surrounded each visitor into a narration of words and drifting bodies. Yet, I was soon to realise that the mechanism behind this was based on hydraulic pistons programmed to create movement on a complex rhythm and translated into a type of choreography. The contrast between stuttering and static sound and the vibration thus generated penetrated both my mental and sensorial field to the depth of it, causing a physical reaction of my guts-a gush of my internal fluids.

This choreography of trauma and anguish was meant to echo the trauma experienced by the artist as a result of her loved one’s suicide.

The piece that stroke me most was “Rage Fluids”, an audio sculpture comprised of a car shell mirroring the viewer and subwoofer speakers emitting various frequencies. The sound work is a special commission for Hannah Perry’s show resulted from her collaboration with a cross-disciplinary group of contemporary composers.

I found my visit of Hannah Perry’s ‘GUSH’ exhibition to be particularly useful in revealing different technical possibilities of how sound design can highlight the visual setting of the artwork and amplify the overall experience of the visitors.



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