Július Koller

Július Koller (1939 – 2007)

Universal Fantastic Orientation 1-6 (U.F.O.) (1978)

Universal Fantastic Orientation 1-6 (U.F.O.) 1978 Július Koller 1939-2007 Purchased 2008 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T12573

At the first the glance of the photographs, the text “U.F.O. MANY” intrigued me. The text along with the form of the pseudo-documentary photography create an ambiguity between fiction and reality. Photography is a medium provides an image representation of a moment but at the same time decontextualize the moment. These photographs shape audiences’ perceptions through its ambiguity, the text and the form of pseudo-documentary. Even the background might be just a place of nowhere with no specific meaning, the audiences are given the indication of the mystery and obscurity of the place through the text “U.F.O. MANY”. David Lynch’s statement in The Treachery of Language can be applied to this artwork, “ language changes things, as soon as you know what it is”. In this case, the audiences form their own perceptions of the background landscapes when they see the tag held by artist.