Tate Modern; Reimagining the wall credits

 Tate modern; Helen Chadwick – Viral Landscape no 3 

Far from creating an immersive experience, Chadwick serves to remind the audience that they are looking at a representation of a landscape that is still very much situated in the field of digital print. 

Breaking away from the traditional landscape ideal, deliberate cropping and framing decisions have been made to serve as homage to the digital process rather than nature. There are certain sinister undertones demonstrated through the violent spattering of the red that harks back to Nicholas Boeg’s ‘Don’t look Now’ that are somewhat outdated in their attempt to shock in an ever desensitised modern day society however do speak to the humanity within the image which coupled with the ‘micro-organisms’ visible in the foreground, remind us of mortality in a subtler manner, uniting viewers, and creating the inception of human trace.

The dedication to digital post-production of photography, is without a small nod towards the analogue. The ‘end of the roll’ red strip that perhaps serves also as a device for unity, cross-referencing past and present, old and new, young and old, as well as signifying the end. Or perhaps it simply widens the net for a more diverse captive audience, to satisfy the pre-digital, Nicholas Roeg generations.