Gerhard Richter 1932

Born and works Germany

A German visual artist


Digital print on paper between aluminium and acrylic

Gerhard Richter, a visual artist, is influenced by Pop art, abstract art and minimalism to create his artworks, and he thinks he is a Surrealist. 

Strip, Digital print on paper between aluminium and Perspex, is divided into thin vertical slivers like a broken screen. Richter’s work of vertical slices demonstrates illusionistic space. In earlier versions, Richter used a single slice of paintings, but in later works, he combined strips from different areas of the original painting. For Strip, those different colourful slivers came from his old abstract painting and were selected by computer. For some works, he even made the combined strips from photographs. It follows that the artwork shows an idea of what a painting might be in a digital age. Moreover, Richter tries to discuss the relationships between painting, printing and photos.

“I am not trying to imitate a photograph; I am trying to make one” Gerhard Richter said.