Mad Mathematical Mind Mapping. Cookhouse Gallery.

When drawing on paper isn’t enough…


Two Day. Process.

I’ve been approaching The Painting and The Drawing as an explorative experience based on the present moment. The materials are either found, up-cycled and/ or used through to the end of its life. Oil pastels were used for this mural, each one completely ‘disappearing’ from its once physical use to its consequential appearance onto the wall. I stay true to my ongoing interest which include: transform, transmute and transcend.

Head to repose.

A repetitive rhythm like a swarm of bees, a hum from an unknown landscape seeping through my subconscious to consciousness.


Mad Mathematical Mind Mapping.

MAFA Show.

Cookhouse Gallery,

16 John Islip Street,



Tune out, tune in, look out, look in. The result of mad mathematical musical mapping. Get it out, out, out, out from my limited brain matter. Their call is on another frequency. The Gadgets busy themselves constructing platforms, like an 80’s Mario Game, I leap from one level to the next, the karma accrued is the one that’s owed. I hear music-celestial through my body shells and as my spirit quells I am alive, for that long moment, until the next Opening appears.