Reflections of a hero. Malevich. 

Reflections of a hero. Kasimir Malevich.

” At the present time man’s path lies through space, and Suprematism is a colour semaphore in its infinite abyss…

I am only free when my will, on a critical and philosophical basis, can bring from what already exists the basis for new phenomena.

I have torn through the blue lampshade of colour limitations, and come out into the white; after me, comrade aviators sail into the chasm-‘I have set up semaphores of Suprematism.

I have conquered the lining of the heavenly, have ‘torn it down and, making a bag, put in colours and tied it with a knot. Sail forth! The white, free chasm, infinity is before us.”

Non-Objective Creation and Suprematism. Essays on art 1. Malevich.

The whole world fed a lie of false freedom. Love is the answer, colour, light, music and the blend of these create a portal of heaven, a fast-slow speed held in a space within space; a space of truth, for truth. It is the future utopia in the white, in the Knowledge, its purest form breathing The Breath as we breathe in from it and with it.

We come into the understanding of the eternal, the vastness of the everlasting, non finite, the opposite of confinement and fear: Love, joy, freedom.