Helena Almeida is a great portuguese performance and feminist artist who passed away recently this year. Her work is very well-known for its aim to play with the enclosed space within the picture frame and destroying its boundaries through the use of narrative, drawing and the artist’s own body. I decided to chose her photo series exhibited at Tate Modern because of the influence Helena Almeida’s work has had on the development of my own practice

In 2015, Serralves exhibited her lifetime’s work in a retrospective entitled ‘Helena Almeida: My work is my body, my body is my work’.

These are my alternatives for the description of “Inhabited Canvas”.

a. The canvas is translucent. It doesn’t hide its meaning to the viewer, neither does it let the artist hide behind it. On the contrary, it shows the unwanted reflection of the artist. The private mind becomes independent from its medium. It is gone with the wind from the moment it comes to be.

b. Frame within a frame. Artist within a frame. Artist breaks the frame. Frame freed from the artist.

c.Helena is frustrated with her work so she decides to wear it instead.