Annual Board of Yangjiabu from Weifang

MAFA gallery group show (Otc. 2018)

Different regions have their own culture and art. From this International Art Festival, we share our culture to each other. The Annual Board of Yangjiabu is one of the three most famous Chinese folk paintings in history, began from the end of Ming Dynasty. This is our traditional culture. By the Spring Festival time, which is the most important festival in China. Some Chinese people will paste New Year Pictures on the wall to hope making more money and blessing our family for the following year.

The subjects of Annual Board of Yangjiabu are various, which include flowers, beauties, landscapes, characters from myths and legends.


This two pictures are a couple.  Babies are holding the fish, there are four characters on the top of the pictures, which means hoping we can eat fish every year. The main reason is that in ancient China, people cannot eat meet or fish frequently. Natural hazard and feudal system bring about poverty. People use this method to show their wish and expect the beautiful future.

Actually, traditional art and folk art are gradually being forgotten. Young people would like to focus on the new painting medium, so that they lose sight of the developing of folk art. Meanwhile the single from and theme are also one of the reasons for the stagnation of traditional art. The older generation of artists to the stylized art of the past. Although none of these problems can be solved immediately, people should still pay more attention to the art like this.