To be human

Experiencing a system out of entropic madness,
Gadgets from another world entering my peripherals.
They were loud, imposing, busy like bees.
They wanted me to play
They urged me to see,
Fierce teachers,
They knew I could understand but I was resisting,
Frustrated by my human brain,
I found myself mapping their activity across here and there
Mathematical mysteries understood as Zero.
Catching up with them,
“Come on! Keep up'”.
I stopped myself form exploring the whole space with my hand and oil stick.
For, however long, I’m a space explorer from the outside in.
Now white
A feeble trick to hide them.
They and I have a joke about the 4D.
They help me see it all.
Next time they’ll be louder
Taking over our world
But leaving just enough
for us
To remember
To be human