A – Actually i wish i was born an accountant ( My parents are both accountants and me an Artist ! )

B – Bollocks im making no money from my Art at the age of 35

C- Contemporary and too conceptual for the current mood of society to accept

D- Dogs bollocks thats obviously what i do because otherwise i would not do it,,,,

E- Eggs, eggs eggs, was it the chicken or the egg a perennial philosophical question.

F- Fuck this shit……

E – Ego it takes a lot of courage and persistence to be an artist

D- Dogs help a lot in the pursuit of creativity !

G – GOD given right to make art or make art about a god that creates more havoc than peace on this planetary existence

H- Holy hell the disparities we have to live with in our daily lives

I – For the me me me that apparently exists with the Artistic life/ process ( however we are the ones that create a cultural heritage!)

J – jostling with the abundance of Artists out there and the creative abundance that exists in the World.

K – for Killing ones self because the creative burden and lack of recognition is too much…..

L – Love in everything you do not matter what; a painting, a lover, a flying visit or an installation love is everything.

M – is for Mother and the unending support she gives me its also for museum a place where i one day hope my  Art works are stored for future generations.

N – is for No one can stop me now, I’ve come this far and ill keep on going no matter what.

O – Omnipotntent a word often given to Gods but also to Artists too…..

P  – Paul Chisholm a Contemporary British Artist

Q – Questions, questioning my reason for being, our reason for existing and our reasons for creating……

R – Rhomboid , just because I’ve always liked that word….

S – Sex, sexuality and it’s ever present ability to define, reject or consume ones being….

T – Totality, the total in explicable nature of being and of the totality of an Art work when it is finished.

U – Universality, the universe as me as you and as we… as one… and lest not forget the Universe of the Art World…..

V – Very Fucking cool….

W – wanker, im a wanker your a wanker were all wankers……

X – xylophone what else is x for ? x marks the spot, x marks the unsuccessful application?

Y – You, me and everyone else involved in the Art World….

Z – Zenaphobia obviously…./