What is it with Geometry?


Why do I like geometry so much?

I think it is the simplicity and the purity I feel when I see geometric forms. It gives me such a silence and peace. I will tell you a little about it.


What is geometry?

It is the part of mathematic that is concerned with the size, forms, space and the position of figures.


Mathematic is a part of our culture heritage. People have always used mathematic to explore the universe and to set experiences in system to understand connections in nature and society. Mathematic is a culture subject that has been an important element for building our civilisation.

Mathematic is not only for especially interested people because many people can experience it as irrelevant, it is  for everyone because it is about creativity, problem solving and to see pattern, connections and use logical thinking and be able to reason.


The geometry we learned in school is called Euklidisk geometry after a Greek philosopher who lived 300 years before Christ. The word geometry is Greek and mean to measure land.

Algebraic geometry, called projective geometry, is the part of mathematic that use technics from abstract algebra to solve problems within geometry and science. It is a very important tool. Today this is used in many things, for example cryptography and code theory which is used by transferring information in a secure way. We need that every time we draw our bank-card and send an e-mail. It is also used to programme computers.  Algebraic geometry grew significantly in the 20thcentury because it is a very abstract subject studied for its beauty and interest alone, but there is always a part with pure mathematic also in algebraic geometry.


I liked mathematic when I went to school, and projective geometry was the nicest, but now I look at geometry in another way. It did not turn up in school, it began much earlier.


We all started with geometric activity when we were small kids. We reacted on nearness and distance, on objects, and when people come in or left the room.  When we became a little older we learned about size and forms and could see the difference between geometric forms and compare things with each other, for example: he his bigger than me.

Children often draw what they have seen and experienced and they use geometric forms which is so simple and easy to understand. When we start in school it is important that the geometry continue to build on what we already have experienced and seen.

The geometric world is around us everywhere, in paintings, sculptures, buildings, instruments, cars and plains, in landscape, flowers, snowflakes, the sun and the moon, trees, the spiders net, snail houses a. s. o.


Why do we have to learn geometry?


It is important to develop knowledge about form and space to stimulate our imagination and creativity, to know variations of forms and figures and to know a little about the way they can be used. To measure thing and compare them, to understand drafts, models, pattern, drawing and the connection to symmetry.



Geometry in art, craft, architecture and technology is to find points and lines in picture, drawings and to make sculptures, to draw constructions for houses, to measure land, to make furniture, to make maps and models. We are using standard and scale to find out the right measure in reality and to draw perspective and pattern.


This geometric world has no limit that is why I like it so much. It is the world where you can play and do what you want.  Any way that is what I do. It is for me.