Art criticism workshop at Tate Modern, 18 October 2018


I found this artwork compelling during our art criticism workshop at Tate Modern.

This is my description:

‘At first glance the over 8 feet tall sculpture is both inviting and foreboding at the same time – an instrument of seduction with its fetishistic black glossy interior or a temple shrine with its forgiving cave like space. Upon closer approach the large egg shape’s ensuing embrace causes a sense of displacement and vertigo where even sound seems to be affected by the sheer presence of this monolith. The temptation to step over the barrier and allow oneself to be engulfed in the dark reflective interior is strangely strong. The properties of the interior are purposefully in dramatic contrast to the exterior (including the inverted reflection of the view outside in the glossy black mirrored interior surface) and the sonic quality of the interior which creates a space distinct and other where you are cocooned from the outside, separated from the mundane cocooned in the seductive darkness where your thoughts and attention are driven to the inner, the reflective.’

This was the description printed next to the sculpture.