A clockwork review to Clockwork Orange after rewatching

Fully scarlet screen at the beginning. Each time I watched Kubrick used front lighting to show how evil a main character is, not as before used shadow and dark, I found myself that I could still not give out a complete comment. With pure white cloth, Malcolm McDowell’s weird smile and Title Music from A Clockwork Orange, Kubrick made a first impression of this hooligan wearing bovver boots.

I usually compare Alex with Anton Chigurh, from No Contry for Old Man. They both have fiction and film, but Alex is not a whole evil itself in the movie, which means, there are bigger evil in his story, and almost makes audience feel funny sense whem he becomes a wuss after he caught and treated. However, Chigurh is nearly totally evil, has no any moral and makes him almost unlike a mortal.

We could practically find elegant while Billy-Boy, another group of rogues use a strength in triple time, tear an innocent girl’s dress up, along with The Thieving Magpie (Abridged). Music with film is important as it means to Alex. And this might be a reason why I cannot entirely hate this character (also maybe he is a youth, and a victim). He has taste of classic music, and wear royal cloth reminds me Mozart when he collected ordered piece of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which also the whole film exists a series of remix of it (Second Movement and Fourth Movement, mainly).