Between the frame

During this time,the sense of  ‘seen’ and ‘being seen’ are simulated my interested. Broadly speaking, i think people receive information through observation every day. In addition, people also’ been existed’ by other creature’s observe.

People often feel uneasy about strangers’ gaze. But for the existence of the CCTV camera, people are used to it (or can do nothing about it). Usually, when i looked the CCTV camera, i will think there is an unknown stranger on the other side of the screen, watching everyone’s every move, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. I decided to take my camera, go to a CCTV camera and record a video of it, and make a video, so that I could make ‘the other’ feel the same feeling of being stared at by unknown strangers (audiences and me).

Art galleries and museums exist as a places where artworks are displayed, artworks generate value (artistic value, economic value, social value and aesthetic value) because they are constantly ‘defined’ by people. But if artwork have felling  , would they want to be interpreted and viewed in this way?


This work Spectator is my first attempt to let the audience experience the feeling of being constantly watch(like a art work). I created a nonexistent door in the exhibition hall, through which ‘passers-by’ kept gazing  the real us in the exhibition hall.