(group show, 13/12/2018 – 14/12/2018)

This work consists of a sculpture and a video. Part of it was inspired by the work of Neil Postman’s book, “Amusing ourselves to death,” based on the importance of science and space exploration for human development, and this piece of work will focus on contemporary social life. However, we are in an era of diversified and open media, and these severe and vital things have gradually become a kind of entertainment text. With the development of technology and media, too many science and science fiction works are immersed in our life, especially those curious and unnutritious ones. Of course, it also includes many popular science-themed entertainment programs and radio programs. This makes it too easy for humans to acquire serious and mysterious knowledge directly through diversified communications media of knowledge, people will gradually lose their thinking, instead treating them like everyday life, so much so that you will enjoy sensual stimulation, numbness and at the same time, people will be addicted to this form of entertainment rather than a cause you attach great importance to the nature. On the other hand, when science and science fiction become entertainment texts, it must be simplified to spread. However, there is a high risk in the process of simplification that people may not receive the most original and authentic knowledge.                           

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