Post Human Survival Guide

The “Mist” series is an art project that I have been working since 2014. It contains various forms such as painting, sculpture, anime and interactive media to express my concern about the future. The initial inspiration came from the air pollution in China, but in the subsequent process, I gradually realized that haze is an energy structure problem. In this world, human beings have destroyed nature and started wars for f fossil fuels and economy. So I envisioned a wasteland that has been enveloped by the fog of nuclear war and industrial pollution, heralding a disaster brought about by the unsustainable economic model of not tempering in the future.
The Last of the watcher is a video game I made with unity3D in 2018, the story background that after a devastating nuclear war, humans almost disappeared. Rich people stored their consciousness in a visual world to the distant universe, but still, some people live in the Earth and survivors built a new civilization on the waste soil. They transform their bodies to adapt to this new and unfamiliar world. For example, they have a microchip put into their eyes and the sights seen into pleasant colors through the output of the visual module from the brain. In this video game, you will play a little boy called “No.#9311273630” to describe the story behind the world through a series of adventures.