Be a Happy Pig

The animal farm is a work I have been working on recently. The audience played a reporter in the video game, investigate an animal farm to find a pig that can talk, unraveled the mystery, and finally revealed a horrible conspiracy. However, the game has only built a basic framework, and most details and texts have not been created. In the role setting, I added a helmet to my reporter Jimmy so that he can be interviewed with peace of mind. After all, the reporter was a very dangerous job. Just like a few months ago, Saudi Arabia journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered at the Saudi embassy in Turkey where he was also dismembered and dissolved. People who know too many people are often very dangerous. They are easy to be regarded as threatening to someone. Therefore, many authorities often cultivate nationals as obedient farm animals and let them breed in a comfortable environment, every day eat full, sleep well and be happy. The problem likes becoming a steak is too complicated, so don’t think about it.