This experimental practice is based on my research on the diversity of plastics. Ecofilm is also a kind of plastic, but it can be completely dissolved in water. I thought this was a very interesting point, so I combined the previous babak discussion about desire with this new material. I wrote a lot about my desire on this ecofilm, and then recorded the process of dissolving it in water. In fact, I didn’t think deeply about the topic of desire at first, but when I did this practice, I began to explore what desire is. Do we invest somethings like time, money, and energy for these desires? Is it eternal when you get it? It’s not certain when it will disappear. I combined the two in such a way that I recorded the process of my desire disappearing into the water. There is not a great wish on plastic. On the plastic are simple life wishes, such as a discounted ticket to a well-placed musical, a few more English words to remember, and so on. But they all look the same to the water, because whatever it is they’re going to be eaten by the water. The traces of the past are gone. What traces do people leave when they live in this world? When a person disappears, the evidence of its existence also disappears with time. It’s just that different people take different amounts of time.