Iweleth, a piece of practice in Group 1 show

I call this work Iweleth. This noun could be simply understood as stupidity, it is one of the sephirth from Qliphoth. Mainly made up by component of broken printer, different kind of animal bones and bottlenecks (replacement of decatron).

In my plan, I was about to make a SFX feeling monster with elements of wizened poor stuffs, in order to share my twisted vision of mass media because of suspicion, such as bones meaning those selected information is mercy from the butcher, printer decorated like a guillotine printing out codes that public cannot know implication. And glass bottlenecks become CPU of this freak, just like Flying Spaghetti Monster, who created whole universe “after drinking heavily”.

What makes me glad is many audiences gave out of their own story to this installation, some regard it as a fossil of a future creature, and some believe it looks like an unholy sacrificial altar. For me, there is much more fun to arouse people’s subconscious from symbolism, which is an inspired feedback to an ignorant student.

Patti recommended me the artworks by Thomas Hirschhorn, although I doubt I don’t have so large budget and courage to build up an artwork in his genre, I still learnt how this kind of work could be eveloved.