Other works

A taster of previous works and experiments (more recent work was featured in my post called Listful).

1-Photos taken in the studio for off-site exhibition, at Medicine Gallery, in December 2018.


     *May Contain the Occasional Un-Popped Kernel


2-Artist Book – video of work shown in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in November 2018.


(video edited by the curators of the show)


3-Departure Lounge Exhibition in October.




4-Ongoing series of Self-Portrait Collage, paper on flesh, posted on Instagram (@dedeiarrocha) and shown on the Grad Dip Final Exhibition, in 2018.






5-Instalation at Grad Dip Off Site exhibition in 2018.


6.Device for Street Photography.


7.Dancing Collage.


8. Site with work done before 2018 – Collages.