Ongoing inspiration + online journal notes

33 thousand feet with God’s filter .


Marking. It’s not often that I mark my work directly onto the wall before painting a mural I like to sketch on digital platforms or in my sketchbook. Regardless, the key is to have a very clear vision of what it will look and feel like. This is also the secret to the manifestation process.

Paint anywhere. One of the best things about being an artist is that the world is one big studio. When I chose to rid myself of the idea of sticking to a 14/ 24 hour day studio plan a couple years ago in LA I was of course nervous but I felt free. I found creative ways to create. I asked around for walls that needed painting. My first mural was on the side of a music recording studio in Mar Vista. I wasn’t paid for it but it led me to some (very well paid) incredible gigs like being picked up by the City of Los Angeles to paint their utility boxes across the west side, teaching an art therapy course for Warner Music executives, exhibiting my work at a blue chip Beverly Hills gallery and so much more. The original mural has been photographed many times over by fans and used as a fashion photoshoot backdrop and for a scene for ABC television. The aim of the game is to see beyond 4 walls and the possibility it can bring. You will always be surprised. So paint anywhere.