Colour-sound interplay

In my latest work, I explore the manifestation of audio-visual sensors as art. Yet again, I dive into myself – a self constantly shaped by the experiences of the outer world and inner predispositions.

What is new? The approach: a reference to psychology and even to physics.

Translated Sound: Sunshine Therapist & Sunshine Seekers

« Why is the sky blue? What colour is the sun? »

One always wonders as a child…

Having a deeper understanding of not only light and colour but also sound and movement, I step further by asking myself « How can my perception of them be expressed in relation to materiality? ».

Like this…

This installation highlights the dependency between lack and need. It creates a dialogue between two complementary elements: the organic and the conceptual.

They are not opposite, but interrelated: the physical (white bone structure made) supports the conceptual (brain made of spray polyurethane foam).

One mirror on the right side invites viewers to identify themselves in my artwork and encourage self-reflection. Come on, take the challenge!

One more mirror at the opposite side will be attached to the final version of the installation to redirect the light and energy in the exhibition space.

Together they symbolise the nudity of my (our?) body like something waiting for wet clothes to be dried by the morning sun. On the left side of the installation, the same structure is fully covered in bright red fur to make a strong visual impact.

  • It is sunglight: warmth and intense softness.
  • It completes the loss of the white structure in an act of therapy and regeneration.
  • It reflects my recent suffering and healing through visual awakening.


Reading Spectrum

Reading is a conscious act of decoding signs that stimulate our thinking. To me is more – it can also imply an intuitive reaction to environmental stimuli, such as energy, light, sound, weather, language. This double-reading enhances our understanding of human experiences as a whole.

Reading spectrum launches an invitation to perceive and gaze at the light frequencies from 405–480 THz (red) to 530–600 THz (green) revealed in overlapping layers or « pages ». These « pages » engage different volumes, materials and media in an on-gong interaction with the viewer’s retina.


The interplay of red and green paint stains rendered through a dynamic movement of my hand and the vibrating marks left by my brush strokes create a simultaneous contrast. It enables red and green to enhance each other’s intensity yet maintaining a compositional balance.

Reading spectrum is meant to capture the viewer’s entire visual field and outreach to his/her other senses.

Come on, take the challenge… again!