Offsite shows: Collaborating with the fictional artist Krut Nivag

Krut Nivag says that life is the core interest of his practice: “I’m interested in how to quantify the different variations of being alive…how to intensify the presence of things.” Many of his works and installation pieces employ a range of products—in order to explore their functions and interactions. These works become laboratories for articulating complex social phenomena, the precarious distinction between fiction and reality, and contemporary belief systems. In the 1990s, Nivag became known best for his “post-Lipton”, or the reuse of film and mass-media images; more recently, he has mounted his work outside of museums and traditional art venues, calling these environments too restrictive. Nivag is also known for his many multimedia collaborations with other artists throughout his career, Nivag won the Fictional Artist Prize in Frieze Art Fair in 2018.