New Investigation: Method Art

Hello Readers,

This is an early draft of an investigation that I hope to start over the space of unit 2, However, this may work so well that I incorporate this into my practice going forward or could be a complete disaster.

Last unit, I dealt with the theme of depression,  the shadow figure, the dark dog that follows me around, however upon making the work I realised that the dark dog is really just another form of me, my shadow figure, shall we say.  I also realised that this other side of me is not completely negative often being at the forefront for some of my creative ideas and pushing me to reinvent myself in times of need.

While this is all in its early stages, I’ve been thinking more and more about the other parts of my psyche that I often shut out and filter and perhaps that is not always a good thing. In my feedback, Babak talked about how he would like to see less restraint in my work. However I feel in my current state, restraint is part of my psyche and that I simply cannot remove this.

However in order to try and remove this, I am interested in seeing if I can apply a form of method acting/ method artistry to my practice in which  allows me to produce work in different psyches, I am hopefully going to have these different psyches as exaggerated forms of my real personality that I find in real life often clash,  so there is an element of non fiction in the methodology.

As I am doing different shows I aim to have these different personas competing against one another, sort of forming a symbolic interpretation that we all go through with our own personalities.  It will be interesting to see which psyches work well and which ones don’t and even if there is a successful variation to the work produced.

I also wish to investigate this more academically as well, looking at artists who may have adopted similar approaches in their work, also looking at how this adoption of alter egos exists within contemporary society, through the use of social networking, videos games.  I would even like to suggest that alter egos are actually forced upon society, through stereotypes, gender roles, and work,  for example, those who work retail are often told to behave or act in a certain way, when perhaps deep down they desire to be completely different especially when dealing with rude customers. I would like to explore how this affects people and society as a whole.

I feel that as my practice is mixed media already, this new technique will just add another form that I can apply to produce various different pieces and I am interested in seeing the outcome.