Artist Statement of ‘Pattern 2’, Beumjoon Shin, The Wicked Game; Unit 1 Show

‘Pattern 2’ illustrates humans’ perception among several agents. These agents can be anything that induces humans’ perception in a way where they(agents) want. These agents can be not only media corporations but also any group that pursuits a goal. Through the feedback between humans’ perception and agents, agents can generate archetype which consists of more than 2 symbols (the typical examples are the religious paintings). This feedback can be exemplified in Pinball game. The marble can move only as long as there are crashes and reactions through Pinball game devices (bumpers, kickers and so on). Furthermore, as this process further, the pinball devices limit the scope of ball’s movement and regulate it. But under this regulation, the movement of a ball generates myriad times of movement patterns and this fact results in reaching into the new image which is not classified yet. Through this process, this new image is subsequently exposed.


In this work, two images (the dragon’s head and the knight) are derived from the work ‘Saint George and the Dragon’, Paolo Uccello. The head of the dragon which is about to die represents the solution of problem or obstacle before compensation and it is the goal of agents. This image might induce audiences to envision any type of hero. And this hero can be envisioned or remembered through media like films, books, news and so on.