The Curve and the Absolute Possible-Exploration (i). Crystal Fischetti

Ongoing research into portals through making. Paintings, drawings, digital drawings and interviews into the idea of the virtual gallery feed my practice and interests concerning other worlds. I aim to physically and visually describe the bridging between The Physical and The Spiritual.

2. why do you use a material of painting for your works?

CF: I am not quite sure what you are asking here but I think that the reasons why I enjoy painting is that it allows me to have a fluidity as I dance and move  around the canvas or in front of the wall (if I am working on a mural). I love drawing on paper and on walls too. I enjoy using materials that are not rigid or stuck. On occasion, however I will use sand to soak up some excess paint on the canvas.

3. what do you expect with an online exhibition? how can an online exhibition be a way of expression with  regard to your works?

CF: I have exhibited in an online museum before. That was fun. The virtual world is becoming more and more real. I have a theory that we as humans will be living in the virtual world as a next phase in our evolution. I don’t really expect much from it but I am thoroughly fascinated by the idea that we can live in two places at the same time. 

I am a keen reader and researcher of physics. Anything to do with time travel, splitting the atom, portals, black holes, paradoxes etc really get me going! I do not accept that there  is one reality or one time or one space or one way of  thinking/seeing/being. There is spacetime and other worlds that we inhabit, one of them being the internet. So having my work in an online virtual exhibition is cool to me. The work I produce are door ways from another world entering our world so it would be great to place them in the world of the non physical and the Absolute Possible.

Curves, arches, bringing back the nature inside the home. A connection to who we are away from the square.


Digital paintings exploring the soft and soaked in a bit, bot, gadget frame with pixels and all.

Exploring expressions of frustrations on canvas around a frame.

To soften the hard, hard edges and stubborn perpendiculars.

Drawing and painting with erect tools that seem inescapable in this Western world.


In the Wood Work workshop- Wood wooden, saw, cut, incise, sharp, jar, sand, damage, aggressor, penetrate, push push push, machine, arm work, muscle, heat and sweat, precision

Straight, angular, linear modes of thinking.