Beyond 4D. Description of (some) works. Crystal Fischetti

Spirit Air,
Wind cannot be contained in a jar for long, carrier of leaves, sticks, feathers from birds long lived ago along with those angels that once stood tall over man, Messenger Givers.

Earth Door,
stripped back from the frame, over steps, onto stones, step right through into another realm, lower your frequency because you will be descending into Earth’s zone now. You may be intoxicated by Human’s general disregard for nature.
Space Jets,
flying from here and there. The ‘they’ that we spoke about before setting off on this intergalactic journey communicate through inaudible vibration. You can feel it in your body; your chakra points. They are only interested in healing. These gadgets are kind, they live on a high frequency in the 8D. Let their knowledge transmission receive itself in your DNA strands weaving around so you can see them out of the body. What body? All is vibration here.
oh Great Goddess Divine, Thank you for the messages I receive, womb base, unconditional mother-love, I bow to you knowing that I am a part of You, Holy Vessel, Bearer of Water, Moon Cycle Healer, Lover of Nature, Compassion for the Other that is within us always. Soft and cradling love, hugs for eternity.
ode to being human, the beginning of life itself, no struggle but a strong desire to survive, live, thrive. Mini amoeba pre existing before The Incas gave thought, original Thought unconscious, sub conscious, sub atomical. Begin here, flow here, flow there, dance around the magnetic field sensed from another computer, Celestial.