Off site exhibition-WIP-Finding the right setting…Intimate surroundings, baptism in a bath tub

A duo immersive experience with Alice Morey & Emily Mulenga

Technological temple

A gateway to another dimension

To be at peace

To feel death

To feel calm

To transition states

To feel pain

To stand still

To stop and look

To appreciate


Numbing states

Delirious states


Unknown states

Inbetween states



Overstimulation, calmed, overstimulation

Enter an environment that they are numb too

Altered states

Porn then bright green room, sound, sculptures, screens, then porn again

Pleasure against the machine

Intuition is/as true knowledge

Deep personal satisfaction/erotic fulfilment

Sharing of deep feelings

Parallels of ancient knowledge and contemporary technology

Condition of modernity = lack of a centre

Sacred space

A regenerational power or energy that can be tapped into





A: In flux constant drive, stress modules desire, looping somehow on edge, deep, breath. Squaks, peeks dots on the line underground flooring, dirt smears from daily rushes, packed , jammed, smothered and suffocated we reach our destination. Ice cold day, toes bite, tingles homeless forever.

E: Born, torn, troubled, I want to return, to soil, blood, photosynthesis, spring, priestess. Screens that blind, worn out by the machine, resurgence, replenishment, I will not settle. Womanhood binds, breaks, singing with the wind, thumbprints seal the deal, too long, born, reborn.


Belly of sounds, Soundscape, Unconscious writing- scrolling message, text on wall, spoken, LED messages, Blood pumping, flow, slime to play

Low lighting..fake real lighting/ neon strips with fading, dimming, Human like source of power, blood, pumping

DATA_ BLOOD  Alice-skin and pumping blood slime, Emily-leds and lights slime