Recreational activities

practice for the relationship between individuals and groups in social activities

Through unit1 research, I found that what attracted me more was the social media phenomenon and the behavior that people showed in real social and social media. These behaviors also show how humanity is embodied in virtual social and contemporary real-world activities. This is the question I want to continue to study in depth. This video is the first practice on this concept. Part of the video is to record the social activities that are common in life from the perspective of the participants, and the other part is to watch the events from the perspective of the observer. Two segments alternately appear. Explore the relationship between individuals and groups.

The entertainment facility divides the crowd into several parts, each group representing a small group with individuals as the main body, and the entire facility represents the complete group of society. Like this machine, it is in a regular cycle. As a participant, social media is not needed in real social interaction. But after the end, real-life events will be repeated in social media, through video, photos, text narratives and so on. It gives the impression that people seems to be out of the virtual world but at the same time they are pinned down.