As you know I like things that make me think, However probably due to my ADD I can be pretty single-minded or as what doctors would say is that I Hyper-Focus over things and often place everything else on the back burner.  For about a month my main focus was the off-site show, I was having the usual feeling of trying to balance a healthy obsession towards the assignment while trying to not get too ambitious in my thoughts and ideas.

However, for the last 3 weeks, another distraction appeared, A growth of some sort.

It all started on the 23rd Jan, I was playing Super Mario, pretty chilled.

Then my neck decided to piss out blood.

 While I was confused to the cause of the injury, I dismissed it as probably a vampire that had visited me from the strawberry hill house and thought nothing more about it.

Then about 5 days later the same thing happened but with more blood.

And Again, and Again.

I wasn’t that bothered though as I just thought it must be a cut that I keep accidentally knocking causing it to bleed. Then I started to notice something, at first glance it looked like a mole. I was due to see Gomi, So I decided to wait and ask her advice as I didn’t want to waste time if it wasn’t anything major.

I met up with Gomi as we were Cat Sitting 3 lovely cats called Pasha, Bethany, and Maya.



My Neck started bleeding again, quite a lot for a good 10 mins, I showed her my growth and she told me to go and get it looked at. After phoning 111, then told me to go to the hospital and visit an urgent care doctor.

We went to the hospital and the doctor told me that he couldn’t do a lot and told me to register with a doctor or go to Saint Georges who should remove it and give it a biopsy.

We went away and the next day I decided to go to the doctors at Reading as that is where I was still registered. The doctor looked at it and said that it didn’t look cancerous and that I would not be able to see a dermatologist as there is an 18-month waiting list and that it would be best to register in London as there is a shorter

The growth continued to grow and bleed and with quite a lot of google searching, I kind of placed myself into a bit of a panic as from google images it looked quite like a nodular melanoma.

I decided to visit the doctor in Twickenham for another check as it was still growing.  I showed the doctor my growth and she told me that she did not know what it was and referred me to a dermatologist.  She told me to call back in 3 days to ensure the referral has been done.


I called the reception as told and have been advised that they did the referral but the earliest time they could get was the 26th of May.

I tried putting this into the back of my mind however it can be quite hard to forget when it keeps growing and bleeding, so after further research on the internet I believe this not to be cancerous as per the doctor’s in Reading assumption, but actually a Keloid Scar, which is quite amusing as my artwork, last unit, was about childhood trauma and the scar left on my hand after a confrontation with my Father and a sword. The piece was also dealing with the mental scars and how to move forward.

This time it would appear that my scars are now taking physical form, perhaps in a similar way to how different elements of my psyche are as well. However, I do not want the growing scar, so I am removing it.

I have decided to do a procedure that people usually use for removing skin tags, or the testicles off animals.  Using dental floss I am chocking the life out of this scar and I hope it should fall off within seven days.

Obviously, there is a part of me that know what I am doing is incredibly risky but I don’t have much to lose, if it is a keloid then it could grow back and I will just chop it off again. If its something more sinister then I would be dead anyway.

This experience has, however, provided me with a lot of content for my art, from the physical removing of scars to the postcode lottery that I assumed was a myth.  Plus its pretty cliche that I’m cutting parts of, I mean if Van Gogh can successfully chop his ear, then a tumor should be nothing.