13th hour – Offsite Show

Monday the 18th, February. BSMT space, “13th Hour”.

N16 8BH

Our group offsite show was only up for less than 24 hours, the space called “BSMT” short for basement was the perfect space for our combination of works. Dark, underground and very versatile. The ceiling had long industrial beams running along the pacs with little open brick rooms at the back, showing a great infrastructure of the building, allowing us to intertwine our works with the architecture of the space.

The hanging of this show was the most interesting part as all of our works included various mediums, from painted canvas, ceramics, light, video, stretched and un-stretched canvases. We wanted to utilise the full space, only having maximum two pieces per person, we also had to take into consideration that there wouldn’t be any light by the time the private view started at 5pm. When looking at the space we started to play on the idea of a “basement” and what the normal conditions would be for viewers walking through. We though on the idea of dark lights and low ceilings and how this would effect the viewers sense walking round and their mobility, therefore deciding to take out all of the lightbulbs and only place back one or two maximum per art piece. This resulted in making all the works dramatic in the space and make them stand out within the space.

In consideration to y own work I decided to included coloured light as an extended form of a colour layer, I originally experimented with its placement in front or to the sides of the painting, which overpowered the work and did not allow for the latex to be seen properly. We very much discussed each artworks function and what we wanted them to portray, hanging the works multiple times until we felt that each worked well in the space and with each other.

As this was one of the larger works in the space it didn’t belong on the wall as the ceilings were low, it didn’t match the space, we brought it towards the window where the architecture and the piece fell into harmony, however again placing it straight didn’t feel right, felt out of place and did not bring the space together. (image 1) was its final resting place in the space for the evening, it somehow felt that the painting was an extension of the window and that it fell out of its placing/fixings, as if it was moving in the space. The window itself let a lot of natural light which I felt didn’t match the artwork and the light that was being emitted from behind the work, I therefore decided to cover the window with green cellophane that I had used to cover the light behind the painting.











I feel like this brought an extra element to the painting and connecting it to its surroundings, manipulating the space to fit the canvas itself, adding an additional layer of colour that was not directly fitted to the painting. This however changed throughout the evening when the natural light disappeared, meaning that the latex cover blended into the painting as the light decreased. At first I felt that this would effect the painting but it enticed the viewers to come closer to the painting, therefore being surrounded by the green light, making them part of the work, it drew them forward to discover the odd layer stretched onto the canvas.

The second piece of work I felt needed to be just valued in the space as this one, I again let that the wall was not the correct place for hanging or did the painting want to be placed against the wall. From chatting to the other artists Pippa saw its frame which could accentuate the architecture of the metal beams running along the ceiling of the space, this then led the painting to be placed between the beams, as seen below:











This method of hanging allowed the viewer to get a specific viewpoint of the piece, almost making them aware of the ceiling or what is above them, mimicking what a viewer would feel like if walking through a small basement, making them aware of their surroundings, more than usual.

In all as a group I was very happy with the result that was produced with such little time on the day to make the install and perfect the space, we managed to communicate clearly and promptly, realising all the needs of each piece and what we wanted each function to be.