Off site España, Crystal Fischetti

Journal, Alicante, España, March 2019.


Two birds looking at the sea.

Not a care in the world.


Spent most of the day in the sunshine naked today.

Such bliss.


Realising that my Spanish is actually 80% fluent and not less.

Grateful for mother, father.


Part of me being strong is my vulnerability.

Why does the former preceed the latter?


Angel card reading.

Post and during birthday blues.


Hiked up the Castel Santa Barbara. What a view! I remember being alone on the beach on Venice, LA when I was sexually assaulted and here I was alone again. I was protected.


I read a few passages from my book today (Woman Who Run With The Wolves). Something about the soul that can never be destroyed no matter how much it can get burnt and the power of connecting to the Original Soul for recharge. I feel recharged.


In Villajoyosa I spotted a rock, I laid over it, received yin energy from it as I lay my body on it.

I made a wish and tossed a coin to She.

A white solid heart rock and two crabs, fish waved like they all cheered to see me back here at home with her, The Sea.