Website- Branding

I have been working on my website these few months. Each month I post out a newsletter to my 600 plus subscribers. I like to inform my audience of latest news, events and give them some ‘otherworldly’ insight. My tag line across all digital media platforms reads: Crystal Fischetti Abstract Medicine.

Even though I have come back from The States I have noticed that 80% of my market audience still reside in The US. It is important for me to sell my work online and remind all customers from around the world that even though I am now based in London they can still “reach me” on my website.

Here is what I wrote for March:


If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter just visit the website: and a little pop up form will appear for you to fill in.

My website is now available with an online shop for all kinds of art audiences . Prices range from £100- £780. I believe that art should be for all.

Shop is available here also: