Artist statement about Loops; Beumjoon Shin



Title: Loops

Scale: 100×80(cm)

Medium: Oil on canvas

Utopia has been existing since prehistoric time. And not only the idea of utopia exists but also the applications of it’s idea does. Even though the belief that the link between idea and the application should be consistent, knowledgeable and anticipated, almost of all attempts to realize it have been frustrated. Because there is discrepancy among thought, words and words during communication. This discrepancy is attributed to the limitation of language function (to classify time, space and what is acceptable or worthful and so on but language cannot classify everything exactly because there are myriad continuums of everything) and each individual has different backgrounds (gender, social class, religion etc). Furthermore, the same words can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context. It really seems like people cannot help the unconscious change about utopia’s original idea. This phenomenon can generate the different worth and symbol from the utopia in the first thought after a lot of application attempts; trial and error and time.


This idea is expressed with several patterns(loops) which extend and retrieve the original idea of utopia but are only partially successful. And these repetitive patterns are extended with pinball devices. This process contributes to different result which can be seen as chaos. In this painting, the starting point is the typical utopia in history (on the center, there is a symbol of ideal world and the space is symmetrical) but it transforms into baseball stadium, irrelevant of the first idea.