Artist Statement of Pattern 3 and 4; Beumjoon Shin

Pattern series; Pattern 3 and Pattern 4

Pattern 3, 100 x 116(cm), oil on canvas

Pattern 4, 30 x 40(cm), oil on canvas


I researched further about the relation between perception and media through these two works. More specifically, the perpetual feedback between an individual perception and the utopian idea of media; what the society should be and how the society works.

When people receive the information, they prefer specific point of view toward political, social and economical issues. And this results from the number of previous information that people have received. This information leaves a specific emotion to issues rather than knowledge because there is a limit to perceive each single information exactly as it is. (a vast majority of all people cannot engage in a specific problem or be on the spot. What they experience usually relies on the words and videos that media, which has specific point of view, produces.) But as people experience a specific point of view more and more, it is hard for them to distinguish what they believe and what is real.


However, this process is not static. Through perpetual feedbacks between the individual perception and the media, the ideal image on individual’s mind and that of media are constantly changing. As the media perceive what individuals think and feel, they may change their utopian idea. Because the transition of individual’s thought and emotion usually means that of society.