Dog Story Chapter I

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Chapter I


The day the sun does not appear must not be the beginning of the whole story.

Smell to me is like a label on a folder. It helps me group all my memories and reminds me of them at a certain time. I don’t believe that one day I will suddenly remember that I went to find jia chao today, because the fog beside the station in the morning did not smell anything except making my breath more labored. Jia chao is only two stops away from my home, which is also the reason why I hate to go to his home. Waiting for the bus and taking the bus perfectly equals the time when I walk to his home. But in order to avoid the embarrassing situation that the bus passes me from behind on the way to his home, I always take the bus. Just to his community downstairs received his message: brother, I am dying.

When I opened the door with the key in his shoe closet, I saw a jia chao I had never seen before: he was more like a giant meatbag than a human, his face flushed red all the way from his neck to his toes. He’s still in his underwear but I know there’s no place for him to be.

“I fuck, are you poisoned?” I stared at the place where his waist bordered his underwear to make sure my guess was right. “I don’t know, it started at midnight last night. It was so itchy and itchy everywhere. “What did you do last night besides drink at the head of the house? You’re obviously allergic to this.” “Last night they drank a bottle of black wine and a bottle of red wine at the head of the house. Then wake up in the middle of the night to find something is not right to call you, call to shut down. I fell asleep yesterday while watching westworld on my cell phone without charging it. I told him to get dressed and go to the hospital. It took him five minutes to find his black mask before he followed me out the door.

The doctor said he would die if he came late again. He would suffocate. I don’t believe him. The doctor said he was allergic to alcohol, and I don’t believe him, because it’s not the first day for jia chao to drink so much. Believe it or not, he got two shots in the ass. The doctor asked him if he wanted one shot at a time or two, and he chose the latter, so he spent the rest of the week reclining on a stool, and he quit drinking.

Jia loves drinking because he is an artist. But he has always denied that he drinks for inspiration, as artists in Europe did decades ago when they were on drugs to create, and he hates to be asked that, because anyone at the table who knows he is an artist would ask that question. “I fucking drink to be happy. Everybody drinks to be happy. I like everybody to be happy.” Those were his exact words, and I could see them, especially when he was drunk and pulled people along to sing. But after today he can’t drink, at least for a long time, I began to worry about him in such a long time can be happy, his friends around can be happy. I started drinking in junior three. Before that, I drank the foam on the top of my father’s beer glass. I don’t like drinking very much and I can’t drink much, but I get drunk every time. When I get drunk, I won’t pull others to sing. I can only lie on the table and try my best to keep breathing. I prefer a fever to a drink, because my brain is closer to theirs when they get drunk, and only the dreams I have when I have a fever can always be remembered by me. I had a dream that all the people in my family were crowded into a room only two square meters in size, their heads next to each other from top to bottom, and the sweat from my uncle’s head would flow down my mother’s cheek to my eyebrows. Maybe artists who want to drink for inspiration can try something like this.

Jia chao and zhao ziyang and I were classmates in the pre-exam art class. The two of them were admitted to the academy of fine arts and dated for two years. I went to junior college because of my poor performance in the college entrance examination. Now I am an art teacher in a junior high school. Zhao ziyang went to Britain to study for a master’s degree and came back as an external teacher of the academy of fine arts. Jia chao is still an artist. It is possible that zhao ziyang and I are both teachers. Jia chao only criticizes our art teacher when we drink together. Jia chao always begins by questioning our ideals. Zhao ziyang is usually the one who is repeatedly questioned. After all, in his eyes, I have lost all valuable ideals since I chose to be an art teacher in junior high school. Jia chao said zhao ziyang returned to China as a teacher is to mix food, delusional while teaching artists. He believed that these two things, once connected, would contaminate each other. He was neither qualified to teach nor to be an artist. Zhao ziyang used to ask him why he said, “I know is to know” is the only answer for jia chao, and occasionally invited many former teachers to criticize him. Now zhao ziyang did not bother to reply to jia chao’s argument. Jia chao would not ask these questions any more, because he could not drink. Without wine, he did not have the courage to question our two teachers.

“I should never have come with you to a place like this. I feel like a fool here.”To be honest, watching jia sitting at the bar with a soda is like seeing a cat picking up a frisbee. For I do not love to drink here should be the only thing I will take the initiative to take the time to stay in a bar, although I appreciate the waitress uniform dress suit, but my favorite is the lamp here, it is more than any other type of bar lights should be more bright, but is not in the study area, it is more warm some, similar to the red light. I don’t know how to do, this is the whole bar no article has been flashing lights and no exposed lamp, desk lamp and dome light all the light through all the furniture in the house, wine to spread, the red not reflected, of all people, more like a light in their body and then spread to come out. I can’t feel the time sitting here, not in the morning, not in the middle of the night. All the people are like the time exiled tourists, watching each other at a loss. But it’s still going to play a very loud music, which I really don’t like, especially the electron music, which is going to affect my brain. “I’ve decided anyway. What do you two think?” I suddenly found that jia chao’s two eyes were staring at my eyebrows, as if trying to suck my brain out. I realized that I was really disturbed by the electronic music here. Zhao ziyang, who has been swiping his phone from side to side, doesn’t seem to be offering any help. I raised my eyebrows and opened my eyes. “what did you say?” I asked. “Fuck.” He screwed the butt of his cigarette into the ashtray and put on a brand new one. “I said,” he said, “after I put the painting on my hand in xu yong’s gallery and put it in the end these two days, I would like to live on the other side of qingfeng lake for a while. Go and help.” Qingfeng lake, no qingfeng more no lake, is here and zhaojiashan junction of a village, to be exact, is next to a toll station, famous for more than dogs. “What are you doing there? I guess to get the dog, “help, and save the dog.” “A few days ago, another group of dog lovers stopped a truck to go to zhaojiashan. I saw the dogs dying one by one. It looked bloody, bloody bloody. Sometimes when I look at the picture album and then look at the micro blog, I see that all the dogs there are starving to death, and all the people are dying of poverty. I am still studying how to draw here, which really makes me feel sick to death. I just want to help the past, the way can also pick up the wind to write. As it happens, you are not going to have a holiday.

South of zhaojiashan, people are fond of eating dog meat, especially the custom of eating dog meat in late June. I remember eating dog meat once when I was a child. The meat is harder to chew and the skin is very thick. At that time my mother colleague a strength let everyone eat as soon as possible, say to eat too long meat smelly, so say to make me haven’t finished eating to seem to have already eaten out the stink inside. Later I have a puppy, keep a week it accidentally from my house 15 floor of the balcony fell down, broke the downstairs of a tree seedling, my father buried it, I lay on the bed in the sky cried for 10 minutes, do not know for what cry. I haven’t eaten dog meat since, and I haven’t had a dog since. There are fewer places to eat dog these days, and fewer people seem to be eating it than when they were kids, but there are still plenty of dog restaurants south of zhaojiashan. I eat pork, beef, chicken, duck, fish and goose. Also eat rabbit meat, spicy rabbit and pepper rabbit, downstairs rabbit restaurant opened 12 years, every year I go to eat. I like to eat meat, very like, but I can’t stand them dead, I remember a time to eat roast whole sheep, sheep in the restaurant backyard kill, we call this point kill, you see which one, which one will die, and then in the afternoon in the chess and card room tea playing mahjong into a complete roast whole sheep. I was too young to play mahjong, and I couldn’t stand the smoke in the chess room. I was attracted by the screams of the sheep. Before they died, the sheep did not bleat, but made a baby cry, which was far louder than the baby cry and lasted for a long time. It should have started when they were about to be taken out of the sheepfold. By the time I ran upstairs to the back yard, the sheep had stopped barking. The sheep’s blood will be put out and put in a stainless steel basin. Then the sheep’s head will be removed and put aside. Just as the sheep’s eyes are facing the sheepfold, I think the sheep inside should see it. The rest of the sheep is quickly removed and thrown aside, then the stomach of the sheep is opened with a knife, various internal organs are removed and taken to the other master to be undressed. The sheep’s blood is then boiled into a pot of mixed mutton soup, which is eaten with fermented bean curd, bean paste and cilantro. The body of the sheep is broken into a flat butterfly shape, and the four legs and the body of the sheep are trapped by fine wire on a large grill and turned back and forth until they are as thin as a piece of paper. Then they are sprinkled with a lot of spices and chili powder and torn with hands and knives to eat the meat.

I have eaten roast lamb many times since, but I will not be around to kill the sheep, because I still remember the baby crying. I have a friend who is a vegetarian, he will not scold me when I eat meat, but I know he must be at home or in the heart scolded a lot of people eat meat, including me. I certainly can’t give up meat, but I don’t want them to die. I have heard that some foreign scientists have developed artificial meat, and I hope that this kind of thing can be widely used in my lifetime. By then, I will fully support it, and it will completely end my relentless criticism of my hypocrisy.