Spacial relation in Painting


The scenery and people I face in my daily life are often perceived as form, colour, and line. I have been working to relate these images I have perceived onto the canvas picture plane by building and accumulating layers. Often times with brushstrokes and lines, as well as adding materials — wire, wood, collaged canvas pieces, etc. to give more textures to the flatness of painting.



As I continue thinking about the picture plane and its spacial relations to the world, I wanted to bring an actual space onto the canvas. In this work, I brought a landscape image and people onto the canvas by projecting it on top of the painting. I approached to accumulate multi layers and compressing them on top of each other. Both an image from video and the canvas picture plane are considered as a compressed flat space to me. Another aspect in this work is to extend the canvas surface. Lines, forms and colours as a part of the painting and the image of the scene once again became timeless on the canvas.

Furthermore, I would like to invite the viewers to abstraction of the scenes one engages in daily base and have an aesthetic experience with this painting that we can pass inadvertently.