Producing a Dysfunctional Relationship (on my website)

Along with the progress of writing my artist statement, a sentence came out: “She seeks answers/questions (??) by producing a dysfunctional relationship between xx and pseudo-xx.” I have not yet know which word to put for xx, but I think “producing a dysfunctional relationship” is an honest understanding of my own practice. So I design my website based on the following principles:

  1. It divides the screen into two parts, and the visitors cannot interact with both parts at the same time, nor find an obvious connection between each other.
  2. Only one page unless a new tab is consciously required by the viewer.
  3. Easy for me to edit, upload.

So I embed my tree-structure based index into my website. The following video demonstrates how it works:

00:00-00:13, search bar allows me and visitors quickly locate a work or any other information

00:13-00:27, I am editing at backstage. I add a URL to provide detail information.

00:27-00:52, Automatically syncs to my published website in 1 second. Just like a view only shared google doc. And now visitors can click to view the full project.

00:52-01:10, A home button to the homepage. Yu Yaoyao is pure text-based section.

01:10-01:37, Oayoay Uy is likely a (moving) image-based section which I have not yet think about the content and the display structure thoroughly. The big question —

Is it a view from the window of Yu Yaoyao or a mirrored reflection?