Form of Art Exhibition


For both of my Off-site projects, my groups and I experimented different approaches in presenting artwork by moving outside of the white cube and entering into the viewers’ daily life. 




Public Abstract was an online exhibition of five artists who participated in public engagements with their works and exhibited on Instagram. Although each of the artworks has physical paintings which were presented to viewers in a public space, the group exhibition was limited only online at Instagram. Our approach in this project was to share artworks in aligning with the current fashion of private yet easily accessible of getting in contact with Art. We engage more often on screen than an actual physical contacts and this project was to reach the current culture. 

Another project, The Luncheon on the Grass was an art magazine publication followed by outdoor exhibitions in various locations in London. Instead of showing artworks in a gallery, our group brought the Art to the viewers in public settings — Millbank Gardens, Tate Britain Garden, Westminster Abbey and Victoria Tower Gardens. The documentations of the public exhibitions in the gardens along with our texts of artist statements were published in the art magazine.



I created a new painting for this project that I considered to be in a pubic space by opening the canvas surface, like opening a window which took into account of bring actual scenery to be a part of the painting. Then for some of the locations, I decided to bring my previous painting that were exhibited during the Unit 2 group show to examine how it would exhibit differently in a public setting in comparison to the gallery. It was interesting to see the same painting was presented distinctly from one another depending on the surroundings. Another aspect learned through both projects was there are many more ways in presenting an artwork and coming in contact with viewers, which brings various outcomes.