BSMT presents 13th Hour


The BSMT show or “13th hour” was an exhibition, Manon, Pippa, Rosie, Crystal and I did within the first few weeks of our “off-site show” assignment. We came together and got the ball rolling in regards to spaces and what it is we wanted to show.

The organisation of this show was phenomenal and the space we contacted (BSMT space) got back to us and we booked the dates etc. 

I wanted to use this show as a way to showcase a piece of work, I’d been working on and experiment the how it could be shown. Myself and the other artists didn’t directly have a lot in common in terms of our practice but it was interesting to experiment and use the space as a playground for our works.

The space itself was interesting to curate as it wasn’t a stereotypical white cube type of space, it was a converted basement with alcoves and some exposed brick, and what we wanted to do was create an atmospheric environment. Something in which the viewer can walk down the stairs and automatically become immersed in the works and the space, creating a coherent element between the space and the works themselves.