Situation Internet


Situation internet is a collective of 5 artists, that came together at Chelsea college of arts. Together we were initially going to create a screening/showreel of all of our films in a cinema space rather than a traditional exhibition space, because I personally felt like it would be interesting to expand the ways in which video works can be perceived without the intimidating white walls surrounding a piece of film. 

As time went on, we decided as a group to go against paying for an exhibition space because of a number of reasons, one of them being due to financial reasons and because we didn’t want to go with a gallery that wasn’t going to represent up coming artists and charge us a ridiculous amount for one night. As well as that, as we researched cinema spaces, the price of them for a night was just as extortionate so we had to think on our toes.

The 5 of us and our works all have different aspects in which we could use within this dynamic, with all of us being video artists/our medium being video/film, we automatically had some common ground and from there it was a case of figuring out what each and every one of us wanted to achieve, contextually, to the group and what all of us together can do to create something that is an experience and not just an art show. 

Eventually we came together as a group and decided to do something that wouldn’t constitute using a literal, physical space, and we toyed with the idea of using the internet or doing something online but we hadn’t quite reached a final solution, not one that we thought could be executed well enough for it to pass as an “online exhibition”.

With different ways to showcase our works through different platforms like Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo, it was about trying to figure out what people can relate to and what is easily accessible. “Easily accessible” was one of the key things that we were focusing on as well as coherence within showing the works.

After endless meetings and deciding factors of what, where and how to correctly execute the show in a way that could take a step back from what people expect from an art show, Situation Internet was born.

A 5 piece, video/net art collective creating a live stream of video art and interactive exhibition on Instagram/IGTV. We used IGTV for to showcase each of our films, so people can go back and watch them in depth and we uploaded them in a sequence in accordance to a schedule we agreed upon that started at 2pm and finished at 6pm. In between the time we uploaded videos to IGTV, we would have activities lined up like “mukbang” which was a dedicated segment to Bo making food and filming us eating it. We wanted to experiment with using Instagram live and do things that involved the viewers, therefore they don’t become bored or disinterested while viewing.

Situation internet was something that I honestly felt and still feel passionate about because I’ve spent all of this year setting up exhibitions and the rush before a show feels exciting, the anticipation is enough to carry you through but after so many shows, I became immune to the excitement, I almost felt bored of setting up exhibitions. But this brought back an element of passion, we were trying something different and I was doing it with similar minded artists and overall, it was refreshing.

After this, Situation Internet carries on expanding the ideas of perception of film and use of the internet within the context of art.