Battle of commercial and painting: Part 1

Over the period of doing offsite show I was approached by a friend to set up an installation show of my artwork in a concept store in Shoreditch…yes a “store” everything the art world tells you to stay away from. I took this as a opportunity to show my artwork, for free in a good location and for a whole month. I did not compromise on the works I was making, all the paintings were continuations of works made in the studio and that were important to pushing forward my practice and my theories in painting and the separation. From the presentation that was made at the end of the first part of Unit 2 was very enlightening and successful in response from tutors and peers, saying that I had done very well to portray my works intentions towards painting in a commercial space.

I had to work well with the owners of the space to make it clear that I had envisioned a installation that would work through the space and entice viewers to walk through and see different combination of colours, I learnt how to compromise in a space that is not made for these types of installations. It taught me what worked and didn’t work for certain pieces of artwork, as I have said in the pass that I thought the wall was too dull as a hanging place for my paintings, well in this space the compromise was that I had to hang them on the wall and realised that it only worked for the rolled canvases shown in my previous mafa post and did not work for my latex pieces.

(latex 1 – 100cm x 120cm – Oil paints, Liquid latex, ink, canvas)

(latex 2 – 100cm x 120cm – Oil paints, Liquid latex, ink, canvas)

(latex 3 – 100cm x 120cm – Oil paints, Liquid latex, ink, canvas)

(Untitled 1 – 120cm x 140cm – Oil paints, Cellophane, canvas)

(Untitled 2 – 70cm x 200cm – Oil paints, Cellophane, canvas)



















These particular works explored the idea of stretching and wrapping works, causing tension within the painting and separating colours. The latex was used to create a separated sheet of colour that was pulled off the painting to be reattached, I made sure to use bright colours to derive the texture of latex to be read as a skin like layer.