Cyber Grrrl

“Hi EM, How are you? I am emailing because I was wondering if you were available/willing to get involved in a short bit of engagement that needs to happen soon. Our next exhibition is ‘Cyber Grrrl’ and it looks at cyber feminism, technology (especially the internet), female form and identity. We’d love to include some short films on our social media and in the gallery that have been made by young women. We have a partner school that we work with (James Brindley Schools) and so we would work with some of their students. When I say short, I mean short, 20/30 second snippets that would most likely be very abstract in form. The wider exhibition is shaping up to be a soft aesthetic with lots of plants and rainbow strobes of natural light coming in the windows through holographic paper…..we can talk more but please let me know if it would even be possible to happen in February as obviously you’re in London now! I could heavily facilitate with the girls and you could maybe create animations from their ideas – you may not even need to be there! I am interested in shapes and objects and how they can represent feelings etc. so imagine I work with them to visualise what their inner identity is, what their inner cyborg looks like. I could be like a guided meditation almost and they draw without thinking, then we (you) transform these designs into gorge little images floating on a cloud of a safe, female internet – you get me?!


The following are mockup collages created by the students based on images I provided, as well as their own drawing and text; followed by videos I created in response.
Lynx Battle Angel by Jade


2in1 by Miracle


Rosatron by Jo