FRAGMENTATION NOWSHOWING 2019 April 18th-27th What could we see into the future from the fragmented present? UAL CHINESE SOCIETY FREE ADMISSION 

“The past carries with it a temporal index by which it is referred to redemption. There is a secret agreement between past generations and the present one. Our coming was expected on earth. Like every generation that preceded us, we have been endowed with a weak Messianic power, a power to which the past has a claim.”

——Walter Benjamin, Theses on the Philosophy of History


In this age, fragmentation has become the label of our time, or in other words, the zeitgeist. Taken “Fragmentation” as the topic, NowShowing 2019 aims to lead the audiences to rethink about the fragmented daily experience of individuals and the evolution of history through time. “Fragment” can be understood as a noun and, concomitantly, a verb. It proffers the possibility of a new interpretation of history ——a reading grounded upon fragments. And meanwhile, it is the reformation for tomorrow ——questioning the status of fragmentation through fragments.The debate of fragmentation is originated in how we perceive the world, as well as the way we express it. Art, in this case, acts as an often foreseeable carrier, can reflect the present situation of fragmentation, and furthermore outlook its possible future.Born and grown up in this fragmentation present, these artists participated are students, but also indigenous citizens of this fragmentation epoch, equipped with the inherent fragmentary process of perception and cognition. With this identity, their interpretation and creation are undoubtedly truly “contemporary”; their outlook of the future can escape the preexisted prejudices and thus have more possibilities.Therefore, fragmentation provides a playground for imaginations, acting as the resources of narrations for free minds. It also discloses the features of the present ——the contingency, insufficiency and lack of transcendence, which could be found in everyday trifles.

Accordingly, we continue to collect and admire fragments and invite artists to respond to the status quo, from their perspectives. 

Nothing Lasts Forever.

Zheyi Zhou

In the information explosion today, people have lost the so-called privacy. People passively expose their private information to strangers and accept a large amount of foreign information every day. When information is ineffective for individuals, information garbage is generated.

I present my personal information: Postcode, address, passport number and student number directly to the audience because this information is the reason why I receive a lot of spam every day. And I printed this information on the receipt rolls because the receipt is the useless paper product that I often receive in my daily life. Connecting receipt paper to the shredder, the shredder produces shredded paper, which turns effective information into ineffective garbage. And these pieces of paper come from some useless paper products that I receive every day.

I always think about how to avoid accepting invalid information and make my life more efficient in the era of information explosion. Over time, however, it has been found that individuals have nowhere to escape from the vast amount of information.